The Englishman Henry I C Lovegrove started the company which would later become Nevotex as early as in 1886. In Norra Målen, a few kilometers outside of Nässjö, it was all about manufacturing wadding for hospitals and furniture companies. The original wadding production was reduced over the years, before it disappeared completely in the 1970’s and Nevotex passed in to the wholesale business.

 Over the years we have grown from being a small company with a handful of employees, to have wholesale enterprises in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and Lithuania. Today the corporation has approximately 100 employees. During the latest years we have worked hard in developing our trademarks United fabrics and United leather. We have established a number of new business relations with knowledgeable suppliers, which also have contributed with new customers and customer segments. We are very proud of our development, and we consider ourselves to be one of the most important operators on the market today.