Nevotex United Leather is our collection of upholstery leather and artificial leather. We’re experts in the field and offer a wide range of products from some of the market’s top manufacturers. The exquisite quality of the leather optimises the use of materials, helping you to keep your costs down.


United Leather

One of our partners is the Italian manufacturer Mastrotto, a specialist in upholstery leather. This gives you a wide range of options regarding textures, colours and special customisations for your project. United Leather collections comprise over 400 colours and shades, and you’ll see a large selection of them in this catalogue. If you’re interested in even more options, feel free to contact us for samples. Our entire range was designed with the environment and social responsibility in mind. You can always be sure that our products are manufactured sustainably. That’s why our collection includes a wide range of phthalate-free artificial leather, offering great functionality and reduced environmental impact.