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Sometimes a metre is just as effective as a kilometre. The users’ experience is important to us at Nevotex. Our textiles help to bring interior design ideas and creative concepts to life. We know we’re a part of your production process, so your wishes are our priority. Nevotex is Scandinavia’s leading wholesaler of fabrics and materials for interior design and upholstery, with solid expertise and in-depth understanding of materials dating back 125 years. Our passionate relationship to design, colour and texture allows us to share our customers’ visions. Below is a selection of cases we’ve worked with over the years; click to read more and be inspired.

Restaurant Manami, Vilnius, Lithuania

Restaurant Manami, Vilnius, Lithuania

Rendezvous with love and beauty and enjoying a fresh egzotiškose in the jungles of Eastern Asian cuisines flavors!

Exclusive of the most famous Asian cuisine of the regions famous for their customers taste restaurant Manami amazed and spectacular interiors. The Interior of this restaurant interior project tender is rated as the best of the year 2017 public interiors, and the year 2018 — won the Honorable third place in the category of public interior architecture and design competition. It is a professional interior design team used the luxury Restaurant furniture range of tissue Nevotex Ritz-soft and gentle, comfortable įsiliejantį textiles, Asian jungle oasis of tranquility. The taste of the gourmet cuisine and an exceptional environment for each visitor of the restaurant allows you to experience the spirit of the original Eastern culture, and to solve the most innermost secret Asian flavors!

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Client: JSC "interior architecture" Studio "In the Arch.
Ritz, of different colors.