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Nevotex’s factory in Narva is a modern facility with all the latest technological solutions. We have the expertise and equipment to produce all types of products out of textile, leather, artificial leather and marine canvas. Within our facility we have a computerized cutting machine which makes us work effective and with short lead times. Our special sewing machines offer the best possible flexibility and ability to sew advanced details. The factory measures over 4,000 m² and employs 50 professionals.


Within Narva in Estonia, we have our own assembling and sewing factory. Here we bring your ideas to life, taking responsibility for the complete solution all the way to the final product. Superior quality and delivery assurance are our trademark. The choice of Narva was no coincidence; the region has a long textile tradition, so you can be sure our staff are experienced and skilled. Here we’ve found the craftsmanship and attention to detail that we and our customers demand. The location is also close to our markets in Scandinavia and continental Europe. The sewing factory is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nevotex and is run under Swedish management.

Let us be your creative partner
Use our expertise and capacity on a regular basis, or when you want to take on a major project. We accept jobs from the furniture industry as well as from boat, caravan and car manufacturers. We also have extensive experience in sewing for personal assistive devices, and we love to help interior designers and upholsterers to complete their projects, for example, concept designs for hotels and restaurants. We provide cutting and sewing services in all materials: textiles, marine canvas, artificial and genuine leather of all textures.

A vibrant dialogue
As our customer, you have a single contact with us. Our project team at Nevotex in Sweden develops a proposal based on your wishes and maintains full communication as well as high quality throughout the project. We’re famous for our delivery assurance, short lead times, clear information and unwavering superior quality.

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