The durability of a luxurious velvet fabric in a demanding environment

The choice of sofa fabric in a restaurant is not only a practical but also a creative decision that can significantly affect the customer experience. This affects the general atmosphere in several ways.

Comfort: When sitting for long periods, comfort is paramount. The suitable fabric makes sofas more inviting and relaxing.

Aesthetics: The visual appeal of a space is essential to attract customers. The fabric enhances the interior design by creating a unified and visually pleasing atmosphere.

Durability: Restaurants have a lot of guests, stains, and wear and tear. Choosing a durable fabric is crucial for sofas to withstand everyday use.

The Megan fabric has a velvety elegance that enriches any room. The smooth, soft texture and wide range of colors make it a popular choice for timeless luxury.

Contrary to common misconceptions, velvet fabric is remarkably durable even in demanding environments. The tightly woven structure provides strength and durability, allowing it to withstand daily heavy use such as restaurant seating.

Caring for velvet in a social setting can also seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Thanks to advances in fabric technology, many velvet fabrics are now coated with stain-resistant coatings, making them easier to clean and maintain. The velvet fabric keeps its beauty and longevity with simple maintenance and regular cleaning procedures.

In conclusion, from its captivating charm to ease of care, velvet fabric is a solid choice for upholstered furniture in various settings, including restaurants. So, whether you're an interior designer, architect, upholsterer, or home decorator, consider the timeless elegance of velvet fabrics for your next project.

Nevotex's participation in our project showed their knowledge in materials and textiles solutions and their sense of taste in spatial fit.


Restaurant manager

Fabric: Megan
Project: Restoran Härg, Maakri 21, Tallinn
Interior architecture: Ines Käärma (Ace of Space), Aap Piho
Photos: Märt Lillesiim