Sealife is a fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. What makes the product special and currently unique is that it also consists of recycled material that comes from a project to clean the oceans of plastic debris.

The project is called Seaqual Initiative which works to clean up seas, rivers and beaches from scraping around the world to be the value of the waste via recycling. All types of waste are collected and sorted there; plastics, metals, glass, rubber and more - everything from shoes to refrigerators.

It is then converted together with other recycled polyester into new yarn which is in turn used by the weaving mill that makes our fabric Sealife. The proportion that comes from recycled plastic from the oceans is just over 20 percent.

The fabric is a durable furniture fabric with a soft and pleasant feel that is well suited for sofas and armchairs in both public and home environments. We offer the fabric in 14 different colours.