In order to reduce our impact on the earth's resources as much as possible, it is important that we make use of all residual products that become in a textile production.

Our new furniture fabrics Evolution, Surf and Wave are made from 100% recycled textiles. Residues from production in the weaving mill are ground down and converted into new granules from which new yarn is spun, this is called olefin. This means that the residual products in production go back into the cycle. The yarn is also dyed without any consumption of water, which is also good.


Evolution is a new furniture fabric with a fantastically fine structure that recalls the feel of linen. It is very well suited to a public environment, but also fits nicely in a modernly decorated living room. We have developed a wide and very nice color palette and offer the fabric in a total of 30 different colors.


The fabrics Surf and Wave are also in the outdoor fabric category, which means they can be used just as well indoors as outdoors. They both have a very high lightfastness with a value of 7 on an eight-point scale. You can easily place a sofa with this fabric in a glazed conservatory facing west! The collection consists of two different types where a plain woven variant together with a more boucle-like one is offered in 14 different colours.