Italy has a long history of weaving and producing absolutely fantastic fabrics for both clothing and the ready-to-wear industry. For many years there has been a very well-established process in the area around Prato that takes an important place in the cycle where used textiles are sorted and turned into new fabrics.

There is a company that collects clothes and other textiles for recycling. They sort and forward whole clothes to second hand projects but also to aid organisations. What cannot be reused is sorted by material. For example, all wool material is recycled through a process where you first color sort and then process it into wool fibers from which new yarn is spun.

Thanks to all collected textiles being color sorted, no chemicals or water are used to produce different colors and shades for wool garnet. Which is also important for the environment.

Our fabric Wooly consists of 70% recycled wool that comes from this process. A truly unique fabric that is very well suited in a public environment with a warm but at the same time Scandinavian feel. We have an enormously wide color palette with more than 50 fantastic colors and many are also available in two different widths. The collection is also certified according to GRS.

Our fabric Margrethe also consists of 70% recycled wool that comes from this process and is also suitable for public environments. The collection comes in 28 colours.

Lillehammer is our latest addition and another sister collection to the above. Available in 39 different colors inspired by beautiful nature with green valleys and high mountains. Even Lillehammer consists of 70% wool and is dyed without water.

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